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4th National Moot Court Competition


About the 4th National

Moot Court Competition

We at the Faculty of Law, Marwadi University are committed to a show of cooperative and collective resilience. Hence, after the successful completion of the three editions of National Moot Court Competition, we are organizing the 4th National Moot Court Competition to provide an environment where aspiring lawyers can enhance their legal proficiencies and mooting skills with a unique concept. Keeping our uniqueness, the participation will be restricted to 1st year bonafide law students enrolled in the 5-year integrated programme and 3 years LLB programme with the aim to inspire, promote and inculcate drafting & writing techniques, orating skills, and high focus research acumen in 1st year law students. The competition strives to give a platform to the budding lawyers of our country to imbibe analytical skills in real-time situations. Our main aim is to give a chance to the students to learn the complexities evolving around law and regulations.

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Patron’s Word

Mr.Ketan H. Marwadi

Mr. Ketan H. Marwadi


Marwadi University is wholeheartedly dedicated to realizing its mission of nurturing intellectual giants through diverse academic avenues. Mindful of this commitment, we are actively engaged in implementing substantial innovations in the educational journey of students nationwide.

The evaluation of knowledge transcends traditional classroom boundaries; it involves a continuous process of self-discovery and practical application. Given these distinctive characteristics and demands, our institution consistently strives to shape the legal acumen of students throughout the nation. This endeavour is driven by the recognition of experimental learning, and one such experimental learning is moot court competition.

With the success of the 3rd National Moot Court Competition 2023, it is an honour to declare another edition which will be more enhancing and more challenging; The Faculty of Law, Marwadi University gladly invites you to participate in the 4th National Moot Court Competition from 5th April to 7th April 2024.

I wish all participants the best of luck!

Shri Jitendra Chandarana

Shri Jitendra Chandarana

Vice Chairman

Thriving and distinguishing oneself in today's fast-paced world demands a distinctive skill set—a blend of focus, conceptualization, and a deep connection to the contemporary landscape.

Within the Faculty of Law, we are dedicated to nurturing not just legal professionals but the finest legal minds in the nation. Our commitment stems from the firm belief that our graduates will not only excel but also leave an indelible mark on the legal landscape. This confidence is grounded in the support of exceptional academicians, a stellar top management team, and robust industry connections with legalexperts and corporate entities.

This year marks a momentous occasion as we proudly announce the 4th National Moot Competition. It serves as a dynamic forum, inviting participation from students across various law institutions and universities. More than a competitive event, it is a unique opportunity for participants to deeply engage with the essence of legal education, honing their skills in a practical and real-world context.

Thus, it brings us immense joy to extend a heartfelt invitation to you for the upcoming moot court competition.




In the academic tapestry of our university, the Moot Court Competition stands as a beacon of excellence and a cornerstone of legal education. This transformative event transcends the traditional boundaries of classrooms, offering students a unique and invaluable opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical, courtroom setting. We proudly announce the commencement of the 4th edition of our flagship event, the National Moot Court Competition.

The moot court is not just a simulation; it is a journey into the core of jurisprudence, where theoretical knowledge meets the real world application in a courtroom setting. The National Moot Court Competition, now in its fourth year, has evolved into a platform that not only tests the mettle of our participants but also serves as a crucible for the development of essential skills that transcend the classroom. This event is an opportunity for each participant to showcase their legal acumen, research prowess, and advocacy skills.

It has been correctly stated that "In the moot court, students don't just present cases; they present a commitment to justice, a dedication to the principles that underpin our legal system."

At the end do Embrace the challenges, relish the intellectual debates, and forge connections that will last a lifetime. Remember, the skills you hone here will serve as the foundation for a successful legal profession.

Wishing all participants a stimulating and rewarding experience throughout the National Moot Court Competition. May this occasion be a venturing stone towards a future where your lawful commitments shape the course of equity.

Let the arguments be eloquent, the debates profound, and the experience unforgettable!

Dr. Rhishikesh Dave

Dr. Rhishikesh Dave

Dean, Faculty of Law, Marwadi University

“Law is all about being a versatile athlete and for that the approach should always be pragmatic. We at Marwadi University ensure that the student should not lose its versatility and athleticism in the legal realm”.

At the heart of the Faculty of Law's mission lies the commitment to equipping students with specialized educational resources, fostering their development into the legislators and leaders of tomorrow. Our approach goes beyond traditional education; it's a holistic preparation that equips students with the cognitive tools to navigate the complexities of the legal world. The collaborative efforts of our faculty, management, and industry partners create an environment where the synthesis of knowledge and practical application thrives, ensuring our graduates emerge not just as legal experts but as trailblazers poised to shape the future of the legal profession. Therefore, we are delighted to announce another edition of the National Moot Court competition, yet again with more enthusiasm and with more grandeur.

The legal battlefield anticipates your presence, we know that your participation would undoubtedly add value and contribute to the vibrancy of this exciting event.